Plae Shoes RESTOCK: Your favourite styles and popular sizes back online and available now! Plae Shoes
  • AW17, Deep Space Purple, Max, Pair, Product
  • AW17, Lunar Blue, Max, Pair, Product
  • Max_Silver_Pair
  • AW17, Max, Pair, Product, Space Static Black
  • 2u4b2910-edit
  • Deep Space Purple, Lunar Blue, Max
  • pre-picked


the hi-top
From air guitar to catching air on bikes, these are made for pushing your play to the limit with a side of spunk.

Plae Shoes are standard US sizing
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AW17, Deep Space Purple, Max, Product, Side
AW17, Lunar Blue, Max, Product, Side
AW17, Max, Product, Side, Space Static Black